Gather in Life to stop being the protagonist


And the presence of the being in relation to its environment has become a domain of reasons, knowledge, perceptions... and personal truths.

Gone are those trails of interpretation of dreams, evaluation of clouds, coffee grounds or tea grounds, the fantasy of illusion...; in reality, the mysterious, loving and transcendent halo.

Once the being is developed in its capabilities and achievements, it progressively stops seeing the hand of Providence, the presence of the Mystery.

And when it is needed most -due to tensions, conflicts, difficulties-, the arrogance of personal truth, reason, explanation appears more... and the combat is established, which even leads to insults...; with this, attitudes of each other begin to be typified, and it is difficult to find a relationship in which loving intimacy predominates and quantifies the experiences. 

May we realize that we are a Loving-dawn, that we are in the presence of a Universe and in it we reside, and the truths that grip us today... may be false tomorrow, and the day after that they may be true again.

The dominance that the being seeks to establish over itself and over others, although it could be classified as “successful”, in the medium term, in the fourth term and at the end of the term it becomes self-aggressive, it becomes painful, it becomes failure. 

In addition to the personal ego-idolatry of our reasons, explanations and other positions, our environment “helps” us –helps in quotes- so that the neurotization of everyday life is thicker, denser: “If it was like this for me, why is it going to be different for you? No, then, let it be like that for you too”.

And it doesn't matter if we consult the best newspaper, the best news agency or the best-intentioned opinions.

If we look closely, most of the time that environment is hostile, it leads us to mistrust, unhappiness, doubt... Because the environment has become unsettling, doubtful, and has stopped aspiring to transparency, trust. 

And it is easy to enter into someone else's opinion. Very easy. Because it also represents –for others- a triumph. 

Like sects or politicians or groups that seek followers.

It is undoubtedly -and apparently, we are going to make a leap-, biologically, the human species, an absolutely disruptive event of the Species Life.

We have to ask ourselves, in that review, in that evaluation, about our participation in our neurotising process; that, as the song already said: “anxiety, anguish and despair”, three factors that vibrate there, carrying that message of inability, destruction… with no way out.

If for a moment -for a moment, eh?, because it is absolutely impossible, but it can serve as a reference-; if, for a moment, Creation would have had –because of “the image and likeness” that it is said we are-... would have had for some moment a preference for this one, that one or the other, would the species still exist? Or would it have already been dissolved long ago? 

Condescension, patience, perseverance, faith, trust, the promise of the Eternal, all of this is gravitating over us, and it seems to be ignored; well, rather than “it seems”, it is ignored. And everyone takes their own model, the imposed one, the established one, almost always, with a few small variables. Because it is the model which allows control and dominion of the situation. Therein lies its success. Even if it is a control of crying, a control of anger, a management of sadness... it doesn't matter! The fact is that I control it, it is mine.

The anthill is organized without fractures. The hive is established sweetly. The clouds pass sensibly. The dawn is punctual, and the stars, infallible.

And simultaneously, the being makes its affections into dramas; its reasons into impositions; its logics into drastic decisions. 

And it wanders around with… nothing! Without knowing that Nothingness is creating and giving it everything it needs. And remembering: we have everything. And we are incapable of choosing the right thing...? But capable of choosing what is destructive, disturbing, uncomfortable, reactive, confusing...

We were taught… Well, “we were taught”! Yes! Let's say we were taught that a seed well planted in a previously established furrow, and watering with clouds or pots, was going to produce a harvest. True! True, but we should ask: “And, what was done with the seeds?”.

.- Ah! You ate them!... to be stronger, to be more capable. And now that you see yourself in difficulty, you complain about the lack of resources, means... But did you do the proper work? Did you take care of the seed and place it? Ah! No! You ate it! And now you complain.

And complaints, demands, anger appear… as common situations.

The Prayer Call insists on us, yes, once again. And it does it with the same... no, not the same, the greatest enthusiasm with which it could have done it in similar circumstances, in the face of the progressive and deteriorating human coexistence.

It calls us –since we dare to respond to the call- to gather ourselves in… in the life that is goodness!; in life that is attraction!; in life that is cooperation!; in life that is harmony!; in life that is trust!; in life that is dedication!; in life that is joy!; in life that is happiness.

For a moment, to stop being the protagonist, powerful, true, authentic. Stop being –for a moment- stop being so intelligent, so sensitive, so… so “clear ideas”. 

Prepare yourself, for a moment, with your senses open, so that the fresh air of Providence breathes into us that breath of life that crosses borders; that –as the song said- “that, like spring, needs no garden”.


For a moment, the relief that does not demand, the relief that does not claim, the relief that is offered, the one that makes us breathe in and out... floods us with serenity.

It becomes a shelter, the Nothingness of the Love of Loving-dawn. 

It becomes consolation, the Nothingness that seeks no profit, that has no tendency. 

It becomes full trust, the invisible Nothingness... 

That which leads us to sleep and brings us to wakefulness. 

That which awakens our hunger and our thirst. 

That which makes of our senses, feelings.

That which moves us at the tenderness of what begins, of what starts, of what sprouts.

Grace is poured out on this place in the Universe. 

And as a minimum offering for the consciousness of living, it is worth saying: “Thank you”.





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